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Rich Benson - Raw Focus Photography


Whilst I hate harping on about myself, I guess a little background info helps you get to know me before we meet. That’s me and the wifey in the pic, she’s an epic hairdresser by the way, weddings are a speciality of hers.

My name is Rich and I was born in the 80’s, which according to Calvin Harris is perfectly acceptable. I love any kind of music, I will eat pretty much anything, and I try to live life to the max. My favourite food is pizza, and I prefer beer to wine.

I never thought about doing photography as a career, I much preferred the idea of being a Police Officer or Paramedic. As it turns out I would be neither of those things, and I would instead become a computer geek and work for an Internet company. No driving fast cars with flashing blue lights for me.

Whilst being  a ‘proper’ photographer was never on the radar, it seems it was always destined to be, I pretty much always had a camera with me and was forever taking pictures out and about as a child, and at social events later on in life. The geek in me loved learning all about the technical aspects of photography, and my creative side was able to look after the composition element.

So for the 1st few decades of my life photography was just a hobby. I never really thought about it, I was busy living life and working hard for someone else’s company. 

Fast-forward to present day and I am now living the dream as a photographer. I love capturing images for people and experiencing the raw emotions of a wedding day, or the love between a family on a family photoshoot. I am a massive geek and love gadgets, so I am forever buying things I don’t need. Luckily I can now throw my money at photographic and lighting equipment which is actually useful and serves a purpose!

I am down to earth and totally genuine. I get along with just about anyone, so should you decide to commission me, I am positive we will get on like a house on fire, and have an absolute blast capturing memories for you.

If there’s anything else you wish to know, please drop me a line.

Thanks for reading,